NYC Lawyer at war because he’s not feeling the Christmas spirit

Photo: Christopher Sadowski
Photo: Christopher Sadowski

Unlike Mariah Carey, who all she wants is you for Christmas, this man just wanted some quiet this holiday season.

A lawyer from the Upper East Side is suing his jolly neighbor, Lisa Maria Falcone, for blasting cheerful holiday music out of a loudspeaker in her holiday display.


Photo: Christopher Sadowski

“It’s not like she plays it a half-hour every day,’’ said Nick Wilder, who’s representing himself in the case. “It’s on from 7 a.m. to midnight.

Wilder clarified that he wasn’t your average Grinch; “I like a Christmas song on Christmas Day. But I’m tired of hearing ‘Jingle Bells’ like 700 or 800 times a day.’’


Photo: Christopher Sadowski

Falcone, who happens to be married to a billionaire, owns three adjoining town houses across the street from Wilder’s apartment.

“She’s a prima donna who thinks she can do anything she wants without consideration for anybody,’’ Wilder fumed.

Wilder is asking the court to order an injunction to force her to stop playing the music.

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