EXCLUSIVE: Professor Calls Trump ‘Anti-Christ’ In Final Exam


A professor at Creighton University has allegedly used his final exam to attack GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The course, World Literature I: Antiquity to the Renaissance (English 220), taught by Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta, offered students five bonus points during the final exam to call Donald Trump a “fool,” “clown,” or “the Anti-Christ.”

The exam question read:

Donald Trump is:

a) a fool

b) already in hell

c) a clown

d) all of the answer choices for this question are correct

e) an evil man

f) the Anti-Christ

A photo, provided to Hypeline by a student who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, features a variety of negative descriptors of the prominent real estate mogul.



The course is a part of Creighton University’s Magis Core Curriculum program, which is necessary to fulfill graduation requirements.  The program is explained in depth on the university’s website:

The Magis CCAS Core Curriculum involves 18 components and 52 credit hours; specifically, it involves all of the 13 components (35 credit hours) of the Magis Common Core Curriculum and 5 additional components (17 credit hours) that are specific to the Creighton College of Arts & Sciences. Each component has a justification that is rooted in the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual tradition.

Ironically, the course description cites diversity as one of the main objectives of the class, “The course’s pedagogy gives special attention to critical thinking and writing within a framework of cultural diversity as well as comparative and interdisciplinary analysis.”

Dr. Fajardo-Acosta did not respond to Hypeline’s request for comment in time for publication.

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