Trinity University Professors Declare War on Conservative Students


At Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas thirty-one professors have released a statement that essentially amounts to a pledge to discriminate against conservative students at their University.

The statement can be found here.

In the released statement professors asked their students to report them to the watch list. The professors stated that the reason behind this is, “as a statement of academic freedom and in support of colleagues listed on the site”. However, what these professors don’t realize(hopefully), is that to be put on the professor watch list they must either  “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Therefore, as a result of this statement, thirty-one professors at Trinity University have publicly signed a statement pledging to discriminate against conservative students with the sole purpose of satisfying their own personal quest to be on an internet watchlist.

Dr. Kelly Lyons is spearheading the effort at Trinity University, “I don’t feel worried about Turning Point, per say, right now,” Lyons said. “But there have been some trends toward targeting people for their beliefs.”

In response to this Senior Political Science Major and Pre-Law student Savannah Seiler had to say, “Of course you do not feel worried. Because we do not target people for their beliefs!!! I have had a teacher allow students call me an idiot, bigot, sexist, etc. just for being conservative. We are the ones being verbally attacked on today’s very liberal classes. This is just a resource for us to use in order to avoid hostile study environments. I prefer a teacher who is open-minded and willing to learn, rather than call everyone they disagree with a bigot, which is beyond intolerant I just came from a Turning Point USA event, and you know what I was told, by the ever-hated Tomi Lahren?

Liberals are people too who want to have the best for themselves and their country. We just need to find common ground, speak openly about the benefits of free market capitalism, small government, etc. and let them make their own decision. Many professors do not give us this same opportunity and rather call us names, or let other students do so, than talk to us about why we believe what we do. And SHOCKER it has mostly to do with economics and reason and nothing to do with putting down any race, gender, belief system, etc. The motto of Turning Point is Big Government Sucks. We criticize the government and liberal’s willingness to expand something that is so corruptible and ineffective, and that’s pretty much it.”

I sincerely hope that this was an emotional oversight on the side of the professors and that they do not intend to discriminate against conservative students for the sole purpose of making an internet watchlist.

This story was first reported by the Rivard Report of San Antonio, Texas.

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